"Tres Leches" cake (Triliçe) Turkish version

   This sponge cake with amazing cream and homemade caramel is wonderful dessert for your tea parties. I haven't met yet someone who doesn't like it. You won't stop yourself to eat the cake 😊

   So for cake you'll need: 7 eggs  (separated), 7 table spoons of sugar, vanilla extract, 7-8 table spoons of flour, 10 gr of baking powder. 
   For syrup: 800 ml of milk, 200 ml of whipping cream, 4 table spoons of sugar. Mix it very well and keep in refrigerator for a while. It should be cold. 
   Top cream: 200 ml of whipping cream and a little bit sugar  (if you wish sweet, usually I put 1 table spoon)
   Caramel: 6 table spoons of sugar, 50 gr of unsalted butter, 200 ml of whipping cream. (I know too much of whipping cream, but you'll get a big cake with amazing taste). Stir sugar in a pan until its melt (if you want dark color of caramel sauce you'll stir longer but don't burn it. Otherwise it will have not good taste). Then add the butter, stir over medium heat. Add the cream,  gentle boil it, cook until mixture thickened, 1 to 2 minutes. Add cream, mix well and remove from heat.

 Add sugar

 Yolks one by one

 Add flour mix gently 

 Bake it at 170 C about 30 min
Preparing a syrup 

 Turn the cake over - upside down 

 Make holes and pour over the sauce on the cake 
Whip up the cream with sugar or sugar powder and grease over the cake

When caramel is warm or cool cover over the whipped cream and by following a link below you can see how to decorate the top of Tres Leches 😉