Gul Hanum (Gul manti, Gul Honim)

       Gul Hanum (or gul manti, gul honim) is again a sample of Uzbek dumplings. The recipe of dough (filling) is the same as my "Uzbek Dumplings", which you can find here:
      Only one difference from that recipe is a form of dumplings. It reminds the rose (flower), which calls "gul" on Turkish languages.

 Serve with yogurt. You can add minced garlic or red pepper in yogurt.



Uzbek samsa (Uzbek pie with meat and potatoes, Samosa)

   Alternative names of Samsa - somsa, samosa, sambosak, sambusa, samoosa, singada, samuza. In  Uzbekistan and other some Asian countries samosas are almost always baked and never fried. The dough can be a simple bread dough, or a layered pastry dough. You can face different types of samsa with various fillings: meat (lamb, beef, etc), pumpkin, greens, potatoes etc. Samsa is baked in a tandoor oven, as well as in gas ovens and on electric plates. Also there are different shapes of samsa: triangle, square, round, braided, half moon forms. It is more common to shape the samsa into a triangle. Make sure to pinch the ends and cover with egg yolk so that it won't open.
     For the pastry: 1 kg flour, 2 cups water, 2 teaspoons of salt. Filling: 300 gr.minced or chopped meat, 350-450 gr.onion, 1-2 potatoes, 2 table spoons oil, salt and spices.
     This time I used ready puff pastry, but next time I'll post preparing of this kind of pastry as well.
P.S: I made homemade puff pastry and the link here:

                                  Video of making the shape