Layered bread (Uzbek "Katlama")

   In Uzbekistan, it is impossible to celebrate birthdays, parties, weddings and family weekends breakfasts without this kind of bread. It is traditional bread of Uzbek cuisine. And every time when I am cooking it, for me personally it reminds so many years back - Sunday mornings when all my brothers and sisters after a busy school week going around the dinner table and my mother always served hot breads with homemade butter. (A lot of calories, but who carries about it on that moment?!) The bread smells of my childhood...

   For the pastry: flour, salt and water. And margarine or butter for brushing the layers.

                                           Roll out the dough into a thin layer

Brush it with melted margarine or butter (Also, at this stage you can put fresh green onions)

                                                             Roll the dough

                                                                 Cut it along

                                              Cut it again and make two rolls

                                      Roll out of them and you'll get two layers

                                        This one is with fresh green onion                                                

                                                 Make some holes with knife

                            Cook (fry) it without using any oil or butter on the pan

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  1. Uzbechi, indiani, napoletani… e tutti hanno un pasta sfogliata che si assomiglia. La cucina e il nondo