Cracked wheat pilaf (Turkish "bulgur" pilaf)

    Bulgur (cracked wheat) pilaf is a highly traditional Anatolian dish. I have never tried before, but it is light and healthy food. You'll need:
     2 glasses of cracked wheat (for 4-5 persons)
     2 tomatoes 
     1 banana pepper
     125 gr margarine (I prefer vegetable oil)
     1 onion
     4 glasses of water
   1 table spoon tomato paste (it will be great if you use tomato and red pepper mix paste, chilli paste)

                                        Heat oil in a saucepan over medium heat

                                       Add onion, sauté until tender (5-7 minutes)

                                         Add tomato, banana pepper, and paste

  Better way to cover and cook until pepper and tomatoes start to break down (3-4 minutes)

                   Add water, after boiling reduce heat to low and wait for 3-5 minutes

                Add cracked wheat and cover and cook until liquid is absorbed (5-7 minutes)

       This time I prefer to serve with meatballs, and don't forget about pickled gherkins and cucumbers, it is great combination :)

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