Uzbek samsa (Uzbek pie with meat and potatoes, Samosa)

   Alternative names of Samsa - somsa, samosa, sambosak, sambusa, samoosa, singada, samuza. In  Uzbekistan and other some Asian countries samosas are almost always baked and never fried. The dough can be a simple bread dough, or a layered pastry dough. You can face different types of samsa with various fillings: meat (lamb, beef, etc), pumpkin, greens, potatoes etc. Samsa is baked in a tandoor oven, as well as in gas ovens and on electric plates. Also there are different shapes of samsa: triangle, square, round, braided, half moon forms. It is more common to shape the samsa into a triangle. Make sure to pinch the ends and cover with egg yolk so that it won't open.
     For the pastry: 1 kg flour, 2 cups water, 2 teaspoons of salt. Filling: 300 gr.minced or chopped meat, 350-450 gr.onion, 1-2 potatoes, 2 table spoons oil, salt and spices.
     This time I used ready puff pastry, but next time I'll post preparing of this kind of pastry as well.
P.S: I made homemade puff pastry and the link here:

                                  Video of making the shape