Cake for my Husband (Meringue cake or "Count's Ruins)

It is a very very simple and delicious cake. I made it for my Husband's birthday. (An interesting fact is that our birthdays are at the same day, so I can say this cake is our Birthday's cake). It consists of sponge cake as base and pasted meringues by using soft cream.

So you'll need to prepare sponge cake and meringues by using these links of the posts which I posted before:

Try to make different sizes of meringues that they like really ruins.
An extra preparation for cream to paste meringues: whipped cream (200 ml cream half cup powdered sugar), chopped walnuts.

Make a cream

                                       Put some of cream on the sponge cake

                                      If you wish add some roasted walnuts

                                                 Put some of meringues

                                    Cover with cream and put again some of them

                                                Cover again with cream

                                                     Again the same process

                              You can put roasted walnuts, grated chocolate and etc.

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