Uzbek dumplings

     It is Uzbek traditional dish, very popular because of cooking by using double boiler (food steamer). At the same time it's healthy and delicious. 
      You need:
For the dough: flour, 2 eggs, salt, warm water.
For the stuffing: minced meat, onions, potatoes, spices coriander & cumin.

   I've requested my husband to help me, because I was planned to cook too much dumplings for my guests :)

      And this is another Uzbek dish, differs by folding the dough. The name is "honim" which means "lady" :)


  1. Is the meat un-cooked when you roll it into the dough? How long do you steam them?

    1. Hello, Southern Lady! Yes, the meat is un-cooked and it will take 40-50 minutes for steaming. Thank you for your question, sorry I've just seen.