Turkish pilaf with raisins and pine nuts

   There are many types of pilaf, also in Turkey people love pilaf: it might be with different ingredients. This one is very popular, because of raisins and pine nuts. Amazing taste and nice composition.
   You'll need rice, raisins, pine nuts, butter and water. That's all!

                                         Add to the butter handful of pine nuts

                                          Then raisins as you wish

                                          2 glasses of rice for 5 persons

                                          3 glasses of water

     After boiling the water close the lid, reduce heat and wait until the water evaporated

                                          Try the rice, it should be soft

And close with paper towel for the good quenching pilaf (it is Turkish way) for 10-15 mins

                                             It is splendid garnish for any dish

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