Tea time: Quince fantasy

    Once upon time my great friend Yulya brought me a jar of quince jam made by her grandma. When I've tasted I understood that it is more then jam. It was fantastic taste, and I thought it is really fantasy of quince. Most of people can not eat quince, they prefer desserts from it: baked it in the oven or boiled compote, even in Uzbekistan we stuffing the quince with minced meat and cooking in steamer (double boiler). But that is another recipe, which I'll try to post someday :) So, here is recipe:
    You'll need 1 kg quince 1 kg sugar, but I prefer put 700-800 gr of sugar, cause sometimes quinces are so sweet.  For 1 kg sugar 1 glasses of water. 
      Making sweet syrup:

                                                      Boil the syrup

                                              Cut the quince into small cubes

  Add to syrup, do not boil it together for this moment, leave it in the dark place for 6-8 hours

         Boil it for 5 minutes and again leave in the dark place for 6-8 hours, repeat it twice


                   The third time add walnuts and lemon, then boil it for 15-20 minutes

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